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We are ALL Canucks!

As much as some people like to think otherwise, Vancouver is not a sports town. It’s a hockey town. It’s a Canucks town. 2009 Canucks Playoff Button

Tonight is the start of the 2009 Stanley Cup playoffs and the city is buzzing. People are either walking around in some sort of Canuck gear or driving through the streets with multiple Canuck car flags hanging out the windows.  At least 5 people that I know are going to game 1 tonight.

I dropped by GM Place during lunch time to pick up a Canuck playoff towel and business at the team store was brisk. People, lots of them in suits, were walking out with bags full of merchandise. I could only imagine what it’ll be like when the gates open tonight. 

2009 Canucks Playoff Towel

I will not bore you with my playoff predictions in this space and frankly it would be counter productive for a non-expert like me to offer my thoughts on the subject. (If you catch my drift…..)

Suffice to say this Fong Bao is glad the Canucks are back in the playoffs. While I’m not as fanatical as before, I’m anxious to see how far this bandwagon can go. We Are All Canucks Button

Enjoy the ride, folks!

It’s time to drop the puck.

Game ON!


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