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The Japa Dog experience

3 Saturdays ago Pie Pie Lo* and I had wanted to cross the border but changed our minds at the last minute. Instead we headed downtown since we haven’t been for quite some time. On our way to Robson we passed by a couple of tube steak stands. It then occurred to me I have yet to try the Vancouver variation of the hot dog experience.

The famous Japa Dog.

Lining up for a Jappa DogIt was late afternoon, around 4:30pm, at the corner of Burrard & Smithe and there were at least 10 – 15 people in the ordering queue, not to mention another 5 people waiting to pick up their orders. One look at the “wall of fame” you’ll find the likes of Ice Cube, Anthony Bourdain and, uh hmm, Steven Seagal. It is obvious Japa Dog has become a local and international attraction.

Click here for the Gallery

So what’s so special about it?

Jappa Dog Menu

The key lies in the type of condiments they offer: Regular Japanese & wasabi mayo, nori flakes, green onions, grated daikon radish, radish sprouts, miso sesame sauce, dried bonito flakes, fried cabbage and okonomi sauce. It’s an interesting spread but surprisingly good when put into certain combinations. The wasabi mayo is a must, that from someone who doesn’t even like wasabi.

Overall, my first Japa Dog (Kurobuta Terimayo) experience was quite satisfying. And since I was in the area twice this past week, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to go back and sample the miso mayo and the oroshi dog. Both excellent in their own right.

Miso MayoOroshiKurobuta Terimayo





What we have here is a celebration of different cultures coming together and creating something fresh, unique and tasty. That’s the appeal of Japa Dog. And how fitting that it was founded here in multicultural Vancouver.

P.S. On my way back to the car after my 3rd visit, Bond version V – Pierce Brosnan – and I walked past each other on Burrard street. Hmm…….I wondered if he went to get a Japa dog as well.

Item du jour

No Reservations – Vancouver Episode – Japa Dog

(Watch 7:07 – 9:12)



  thewuclan wrote @

I just heard about these from a friend. I’m not a hot dog fan (though hubby is) but you make it sound good enough that I might just try one……that’s if we ever cross 2 bridges and get out of Richmond!?!??

[…] June 1, 2009 at 10:30 pm · Filed under Grubb – 開飯啊 During my holidays last week I made my way down to the 2nd Japa Dog stand at the corner of Burrard & Pender. The queue was as long as, if not longer, than the Burrand & Smithe location. […]

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