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My Little “Knees” – 我的「小膝頭」

Parents have no doubt heard of the term “Terrible Two’s”. My little niece Drumstick was no exception. Even though she is now 3 months removed from her 3rd birthday, Pie Pie Lo and I still call her “T.T.” for obvious reasons.

Apparently the other day Little Drumstick tried to pull one of her classmate’s pony tail and her parents have been summoned for a meeting as the teacher was none too impressed with the antics. Grandma jokingly quipped that Little Drumstick has “made her clan proud.” 「佢今次真係光宗耀祖囉。」

I suppose it is one of life’s lessons Little Drumstick has apparently mastered: It’s better to bully then to be bullied. Everyone in our family can certainly attest to that but we all managed to survive…….

Now despite her mischievous nature, it does not take away the fact that Little Drumstick is just…….plain…….funny. Based on what I’ve seen in the past year, I honestly see a lot of potential in this little gal.

She’s not shy, which serves her well in parties and family gatherings because she’s not afraid to be the jokester or, more appropriately, the center of attention. There’s the element of surprise. Little Drumstick has a knack of making unexpected comments or gestures with a keen sense of awareness and, believe it or not, comedic timing. We often wondered:

“Where did she learn that phrase? And how would she know to use it in such context?”

Little Drumstick enjoys seeing our reactions and, to our family’s amazement, she projects the image that she KNEW what she was doing and how everything would unfold at the end.

Put it all together, we may have something here.

A future comedic superstar?!

We’re havin’ a laugh!

Item du jour

She’s good……. Would love to see her do “Billie Jean”…….

(Update @ 23:10. Just want to clarify the little girl in the video is NOT Little Drumstick.)



  Tree wrote @

I have tears in my eyes…I’m laughing that hard. She is too cute. That girl’s got chops! She dances better than some contestants I’ve seen on So You Think You Can Dance! Way to go, Little Drumstick!

  thewuclan wrote @

I’m surprised that the parents were called to a meeting because of Little Drumstick’s antics. I’m sure my kids have done far worse and/or have had far worst things succumb to them. Either it’s a stricter preschool or the teachers of the ones my kids go to are not as attentive.

btw: I find that the “terrible twos” sometimes rolls into the next few years. It waxes and wanes. It’s great that she’s got spunk! Though her mom probably wishes otherwise.

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