Fresh baked “Fong Bao” from the oven – 方包出爐

Random musings & meditations straight from the oven. Hopefully some food for thought as well…

What is leisure?

I was supposed to lead our care group discussion on leisure, Play & Sabbath tomorrow night but I woke up this morning with a funny sensation in my throat/sinus area. That’s usually a sign that I’ve caught a cold or flu hence I was a bit upset since I haven’t been sick in the summer for a long time. Apparently I was not alone in our group so in the interest of curbing the spread of whatever is going around, we’ve decided to cancel. That gave me some more time to meditate on the whole topic of Leisure, Play and Sabbath since that was all I could do today, resting at home. Here are some questions to ponder:

Do you fill your time off with a list of activities that resembles work?

Do you find yourself “consuming to death” during your time off, much like “working yourself to death” during normal work hours?

Do you find the need to be productive during your time off? And would you feel comfortable if you don’t do anything during your time off?

Do you find yourself more tired after time off than after work?

What’s the difference between leisure and Sabbath?

I came up with a mental To-Do List just days prior to my holiday 2.5 weeks ago. Of the things I didn’t do I actually felt disappointed for not following through. As for some of the things I did do, I felt tired afterwards because I had maintained some sort of a schedule to keep myself on time. Overall, that week off was not as refreshing as it can be.

So here I was today, thinking and trying to make sense of the importance of spending time contemplating/reflecting on the source and goals of my life on earth instead of focusing on myself on this day of “rest”.

Let’s just say this was not as easy as I thought.

Item du jour

“Sabbath seems to be a waste of time, but in reality it is the redemption of time.”

Gustavo Gutierrez


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  thewuclan wrote @

I am 100% guilty of not setting aside contemplative time during my day. Because all those endless “to-do’s” beckon me relentlessly … and I know that it’s one of those never-ending things; because as soon as I check off one task another takes its place. And yes, I know finding some reflective, quiet time would probably make for a less-cranky, impatient Mommy but putting that theory into practice takes a lot of discipline and reprioritizing.

Who would think that relaxing and resting would be so difficult?

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