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Koko – A hidden gem on the Hastings corridor

10 years ago a former colleague introduced me to Koko and it left such an impression on me that I never went back – Well, location being the reason – until the summer of 2006, when I started spending parts of my work week in the area. Now whenever people want to meet for lunch, I usually take them there.

KOKOLocated inside a rather unattractive yellow brick building, Koko will surprise you with its quality. While I have yet to sample all of its offerings, I would HIGHLY recommend the Jumbo Dynamic Roll on your first visit. To start, the prawn is the largest that I’ve ever seen used in a dynamic roll. And unlike most Japanese restaurants where they pre-made the tempura, Koko deep fry the prawn just before assembling the roll. With avacado & some spicy mayo, it is a dish best enjoyed when served because the prawn is still warm when you bite into this meaty roll. THAT, is what I remembered from my experience 10 years ago. Do note that due to its size, a half order is more than sufficient for 2 people to enjoy.

Half order of the Jumbo Dynamic RollClose up of a Jumbo Dynamic Roll

I’m a huge Toro (Tuna belly) fan and Koko is one of the few places I’ve been that makes a proper Negitoro roll; one where the toro and green onions are chopped and mixed together. And if you are lucky, you may even get a chance to taste the high end, blue fin toro which is offered from time to time.

Some say you can judge the quality of a sushi chef by tasting a humble piece of Tamago (Egg). If that’s what you fancy, you will not be disappointed as well.

Assorted Nigri SushiSpicy Tuna Roll

By and large, I find Koko’s sashimi, nigri sushi and maki to be fresh and pretty high quality. I will reserve judgement on its rice and noodle dishes since I’ve only had the Yaki Soba and the Katsu curry rice. Having said that, I thoroughly enjoyed Koko’s cold ramen, which is only available during the summer months.


Price wise, Koko is slightly higher than the Kamei’s and the Daimasu’s of the world but you will find value in the quality of its ingredients and preparation. Overall, I’m confident you’ll enjoy the Koko experience. If nothing else, the Jumbo Dynamic Roll should bring you back for more.


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  ArC wrote @

Sounds tasty. A bit out of my way for weekdays, though.

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