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When Drumstick “met” Jessie

Dealing with Little Drumstick is quite a chore these days as she’s becoming more and more active and mischievous than ever before. Every time she comes over for a visit Pie Pie Lo and I have to pull out all the stops. Kind of reminds me of the famous quote from one Dan Patrick.

“You can’t stop her, you can only hope to contain her.”

Michael Jordan she is not but Little Drumstick does not back down quite easily.

So we usually end up bargaining / negotiating with her by offering some sort of incentive in exchange for some good / civilized behaviour; hoping she will follow through for more than 5 minutes.

A few months ago, we offered to bring Little Drumstick to Build-A-Bear Workshop and surprisingly she tried her best to be “good” for an extended period of time.


Build-a-bear-logo8 years ago Pie Pie Lo and I went to Vegas and saw Build-A-Bear Workshop for the first time. We thought it was such a neat concept that we “made” each other a bear and, for the longest time, both bears sat quietly in our bedroom until Little Drumstick discovered them. Then a connection happened. According to her, she had become friends with the 2 bears and it’s not uncommon for Little Drumstick to question the whereabouts of her 2 furry friends whenever we spend time with her.

As much as Pie Pie Lo and I have spoiled Little Drumstick, we both felt compelled to offer her the opportunity to have her own build-a-bear experience. So we waited and waited until such time we felt right to extend the offer.


Last Saturday we finally took Little Drumstick to Build-A-Bear at Metrotown after a discussion with her parents. When we arrived, she was a bit sheepish and took a bit of time finding her bearings (no pun intended) in the store. The choices were many but it became apparent Little Drumstick had narrowed down to 2 candidates: a bear and a doggie, both brown. It wasn’t an easy decision but she finally settled on the latter.

Throughout the entire process, from stuffing, stitching and cleaning, we noticed Little Drumstick was quite fascinated; especially the part when she had to bless and kiss the little heart that she had to place inside the doggie. You can feel the anticipation, joy and amazement when she held the doggie for the first time.

A Kodak moment.

When it came time to name her new canine friend, “Jessie” was Little Drumstick’s choice. And it was the only choice. We don’t know why but it just felt right.

When Drumstick met Jessie…….

Item du jour

Little Drumstick’s 2 furry friends

The 2 furry friends


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  Pie Pie Lo wrote @

You should take a pic of Jessie & little drumstick and post it!

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