Fresh baked “Fong Bao” from the oven – 方包出爐

Random musings & meditations straight from the oven. Hopefully some food for thought as well…

The dog days of summer

I don’t remember the last time it was this hot for this long in Vancouver but it must have been at least 10 years ago. Funny how we’re complaining about the heat now when we were screaming for warm weather just a few months ago.

I don’t mind the heat as much as I hate to sweat, especially when I’m wearing a long sleeve shirt and a tie during the work week. That sticky feeling bothers me to no end hence I usually avoid venturing outside “The Bakery” unless I absolutely have to.

Don’t get me wrong. This current heat wave is nothing compared to the humid summers I’ve experienced in Hong Kong but it’s hot enough to make me feel uncomfortable, especially at night when I’m trying to sleep. There were nights I wished there’s an A/C unit in our place.

Where’s the rain?


This summer a lot of out-of-towners, some I haven’t seen for quite awhile, came back around the same time and it’s been great catching up with them. Hanging out with friends. That’s probably something I’ve missed most since I’ve gotten older through the years. Thank goodness for Facebook, a platform that allows me to maintain some sort of connection with people whom I have lost touch.


Item du jour

I love what Pie Pie Lo wrote on her Facebook status the other day.

“Pie Pie Lo has officially melted. The end!”


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