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The time was around 3 in the morning

Crescent MoonIt was a warm and quiet night in Lotus Land and Fong Bao had trouble falling asleep because of the heat. So he moved to another room – with windows all wide opened – hoping to get some much needed rest. The plan, for the most part, worked.

But then, it happened.

The sound of running foot steps. A heated conversation.

“…you better (bleeping) get outta here!!!!”

That’s all it took to jolt Fong Bao out of bed. Startled and frightened, his immediate reaction was that something serious has happened. So he quickly went downstairs to check and was relieved his home was not the target. Before he went back to bed, Fong Bao took one last look through the window and saw a police cruiser u-turning just outside his home. It was taken as a sign that whatever took place has been settled.

The time was around 3 in the morning.


Just when Fong Bao was about to lose interest during the latest Strata council meeting, Mr. J began to tell the story of “that night”. Apparently a few other people in our complex had a much better handle of what took place. The following is the reader’s digest version.


McD Take outTwo juveniles were loitering with no intention of going home any time soon. As the night went on, they stumbled upon the Mickey Dee’s in the neighborhood. Illuminated by the bright lights of the Golden Arches, the 2 fellows got a bit peckish. A thorough examination of their jeans pockets yield not a single coin nor any legal tender. Desperate to fill their empty stomachs, our two juvenile friends came up with a rather brilliant idea.

Why not steal someone’s drive thru order?

The time was around 3 in the morning.


Wanted: HamburglarNot that anyone knows exactly how they managed to complete the heist – our 2 “hamburglars” secured a bag of Mickey Dee’s takeout and proceeded to run towards Fong Bao’s townhouse complex. Just when they were about to eat on the run, they realized, to their horror, there was only enough food for one person. They stopped running and an argument ensued over who gets to eat what. In the meantime, the police, after being alerted by Mickey Dee’s, found the arguing hamburglars. After a quick game of hide and seek, Lotus Land’s finest made the arrest.

The time was around 3 in the morning.

It’s a true story. No joke!

Item du jour

How the Hamburglar got his stripes?


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  Mui wrote @

oh my gosh…..that’s so funny law………laugh die me

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