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Canada Line. It’s about time.

Canada LineSince the Canada Line opened 5 days ago, I’ve already ridden on it 3 times and will likely do so again in the next 7 days. Am I obsessed? I’ll leave it up for you to decide. I just think it’s about time we have rapid transit linking Richmond, Vancouver and the airport.

Opening day Monday was, understandably, a bit crazy. The mood was festive and most people, especially kids, were genuinely excited about riding the new train. The 3 hour excursion was all about excitement. Like many, I brought my camera with me and took a few shots. Here are some highlights.

(*=Lingo alert)

Opening Day PassportWhat prompted me to ride on Wednesday were the Opening Day Passport stamps. 11 of the 16 Canada Line stations offered a stamp for riders to collect. It was never my intention to acquire the full set even though I had my passport stamped at three of the stations back on opening day. But I had to run an errand around the Oakridge area and with 4 stations along the route back to the bakery*, I made the decision to get the passport stamped. Suddenly I was only 4 away from completing the collection. So that evening I made stops at Yaletown, Vancouver Centre, Bridgeport & YVR. Two hours and $2.50 later, it was mission accomplished. Even though the trip had a purpose, it was relaxing and I did get to enjoy the scenery a bit more with fewer people on the train.

Then on Friday, out of curiosity, I rode the Canada Line to work. Normally it takes about 40 to 45 minutes for me to drive. This trip was slightly over an hour with a train transfer and about 20 minutes of walking time factored in. It was an interesting ride but I’m not sure whether it was the fact that I baked* part of this loaf* while riding or the group of half naked yahoos, guys AND gals, who were standing and making noise a section behind me. (Seriously)

Old MTR TrainAt the end, it was about recapturing a feeling I haven’t experienced since commuting across Victoria harbour, between home and school, on the MTR in Hong Kong back in the mid 80’s: That I was part of the fabric of everyday life in the city as suppose to someone venturing out from suburbia to the city simply to get to work. It’s amazing how much you can miss while driving because you have to focus on the road. It is equally amazing how much you get to observe and to be able to feel the pulse of city while riding the train.

One Canada Line. Three distinct experiences. I think I’m liking this. A lot.

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