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Little Miss Chatterbox & Mr. Mischief

I’ve always been an admirer of the Mr. Men and Little Miss series written by Roger Hargreaves. Never in my wildest dreams did I expect to meet one, let alone two, of the characters in one day. This has truly been an eye-opening experience.


Little Miss ChatterboxIt was another typical Sunday lunch hour at the Cattle café. It was packed with people who went to taste a bowl of their “famous” rice noodles in fish broth. Pie Pie Lo and I waited for about 10 minutes before being seated. Now, if you ever been to the Cattle café you’ll understand their seating arrangement is, shall we say, rather intimate. In our case, we were less than 5 inches away from two young Ching-lish speaking CBCs in their 20’s and we couldn’t help but noticed their animated conversation, especially Little Miss Chatterbox. She must have had a bad case of verbal diarrhea because words were just flying out of her mouth non-stop. At one point, after a lengthy phone conversation, Little Miss Chatterbox was able to regurgitate the entire dialogue AND offered up an opinion to her male companion in less than 5 minutes. Pie Pie Lo tried to figure out how many words were spoken per minute by Little Miss Chatterbox. It proved to be a fruitless exercise, but amusing nonetheless. Maybe I should have asked for her phone number in case I develop some sort of speech impediment down the road…….


Mr. MischiefSave-on Foods was the last stop of today’s grocery shopping tour. As we waited in line to pay for our purchases, we noticed Mr. Mischief was just in front of us with his family. (Totally didn’t realize he was East Indian and judging from his height, appearance and demeanor, Mr. Mischief can infiltrate a kindergarten with ease.) Not sure if he was bored or simply being impatient, Mr. Mischief started playing with the magazine rack and grabbed a mag with a scantily clad bikini lady on the cover. Without missing a beat, Mr. Mischief, with rolling eyes and a grin that’s wider than the Grand Canyon, proudly presented the magazine to his dad and said something in Punjabi.

(My Punjabi is a bit rusty but I think this is what was said…)

“Hey Pops! Look what I found! It’s the missing issue you’re looking for….”

Looking sheepish and totally embarrassed by now, father mischief quickly stuffed the magazine back in the rack, shook his head and wagged his finger in front of Mr. Mischief, who started to giggle.

Then I started to giggle, as well as Pie Pie Lo.

The end.

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  Pie Pie Lo wrote @

Fong Bao, you missed the last part of the story to Mr. Mischief…Father Mischief, by then quite embarassed, quickly grabbed a PARENT magazine off the rack and presented it to Mr. Mischief. Mr. Mischief didn’t seem to care for it…

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