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Random musings & meditations straight from the oven. Hopefully some food for thought as well…

Working on “The Drive”

Welcome to Commercial DriveIs there an area in your city where you never/hardly venture into because it’s just “out of the way”? Commercial Drive was the place for me before I started working there in the fall of 2003. Previous to that, the furthest I’ve gone in the area was to the theatre and the legion hall around Commercial & 7th Ave.

I’ve grown to love “The Drive”.

Arr!vaI love its roots. It is Italian through and through.

I love its heart. Local merchants are proud of their trade and not afraid to stand up to the “evil” franchise store. The other day a man, Starbucks coffee in hand, sat down outside a local café & was given a verbal lashing by the owner.

I love its culture. One look at the sidewalk cafes you’ll wonder what these people do for a living. Sipping lattes and espresso on a week day?!

Joe's Cafe

I love its diversity. Young professionals, the homeless, vegetarians, seniors, low income earners, members of First Nations, all roam the Drive.


I love the smorgasbord of food choices. Italian, Greek, French/Tunisian, Japanese, Thai, Jamaican, Ethiopian, Mexican, to name a few, all within a few blocks. Colleagues from other areas are often envious of that.

Panini - La Grotta del Formaggio

I love its passion for the beautiful game. It is in full glory on any given match day during the World Cup and the European Championship. World Cup 2006 was especially memorable for obvious reasons.

The Beautiful Game

And I love its uniqueness. You’ll be hard pressed to find another neighborhood in town that has all the aforementioned attributes. 

Red Burrito at night - Corner of Commercial & 1st

Even though now I only spend 2.5 days working on “The Drive”, I still, and will always, consider it my home base until I move on to another role.

Item du jour

If you love footy, there’s no better place to watch a match than “The Drive”.


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