Fresh baked “Fong Bao” from the oven – 方包出爐

Random musings & meditations straight from the oven. Hopefully some food for thought as well…

No apple tarts for YOU!

(* = Lingo alert)

Those of you who have tasted one of these apple tarts from New Town Bakery will know how addictive they can be, especially when it’s fresh out of the oven. Back in the day when we had “Fat Fridays” at the “bakery”*, I usually swing by Chinatown on my way to work and pick them up. Without fail, the tarts were usually the first to go.

Since the end of “Fat Fridays” some 2 years (?) ago, the apple tarts were out of mind, out of sight. But today we had a potluck at the “bakery” so I decided to bring them back for a long awaited appearance. I picked up 2 dozens but wasn’t sure if there were enough to go around.

When I told my colleagues about the tarts, most of them grabbed one as we started a brief meeting. One of them, C, was really fond of the tarts and quickly ate two. Then, during a discussion, I noticed C reached over wanting to grab his third tart. In a moment of madness, which I still cannot explain, I called out his name while someone was talking and gestured to him to put that apple tart back into the box!

My intention, really, was to make sure there were enough tarts to go around. But in the process, I embarrassed C in front of everyone. As much as I tried to apologize to him right after the meeting ended, I could tell he wasn’t too impressed.

So, say hello to The Apple Tart Nazi!

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