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Fong Bao’s Aventures Olympiques (F.BAO) – A Golden ending to a Golden day

Today we were blessed with such nice weather, it prompted Scott Morrison of Hockey Night In Canada to post this tweet:

“Have arrived in Vancouver for the Summer Olympics. It is sunny and at least 60 degrees. Patios are all open. Nice.”

Since it was Chinese New Year, Pie Pie Lo and I went to visit our parents just before lunch. And because it was also Valentines Day, we decide to spend the afternoon in downtown hoping to catch some of the sights and sounds of the city in the midst of the Olympics.

The moment we got off the Canada Line and reached street level, I thought we were in Asia because I have not seen this many people in Vancouver, like, EVER! The energy and excitement were palpable and it got me excited about the days ahead.

We spent some time at the super-packed Olympic Superstore and then made our way to the Olympic Cauldron right next to the convention center. Along the way we passed by the Royal Canadian Mint exhibit but the queue was so long we decided to pass. On our way back to Richmond, we bumped into J&J on the Canada Line train and chatted for a bit before they got off. In all, it was a great afternoon.

While we waited for Little Drumstick and his dad at Aberdeen, we watched the latter half of the Men’s moguls competition live. Little did we know that a curse was about to be broken. And when Guilbault Colas of France could only mustered a 25.74 score as the last skier, Alex Bilodeau became the first Canadian to win Gold in home soil! Sadly, the crowd at Aberdeen was oblivious and didn’t even cheer. I suppose it’s hard to understand what’s going on when there’s no sound from the T.V.  (Btw, D & T, if you guys had finished your dinner earlier, I’m sure we would have ROCKED the entire Aberdeen Center with our cheer!)

After I got home I caught this montage CTV did on Bilodeau’s Gold medal winner performance and shots of his brother Frederic, who has celebral palsy. Later, during the interview with Brian Williams, Alex was joined by his entire family in an impromptu visit to the broadcast center. When asked about the closeness of the family, the senior Bilodeau pointed to Frederic as the bond that binds the family. And for Alex Bilodeau, he summed up his feelings with this shortly after winning the Gold medal:

“It’s really getting me right now….My brother is my inspiration.”

Set aside the politics and commercialism of the Olympics and you’ll find human stories of love, encouragement and support. I had never paid attention to that before but thanks to the Bilodeau family tonight, I think I’ve gained a better appreciation.

Item du jour

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Sven Kramer – Dutch speedskater who won the 5000 km Gold

Sidney Crosby


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