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Fong Bao’s Aventures Olympiques (F.BAO) – What you leave behind

After a string of awesome weather last week, it was somewhat fitting that clouds and grey skies would return on the day of the Paralympic closing ceremony. Our task was simple: Make sure all the buses leave on time – with all the athletes on board – as they make their way up to Whistler. My colleagues and I waved goodbye as the teams slowly departed one by one. Once the load zone was emptied, it finally dawned on me the end of Vancouver 2010 was upon us. That was the last time I’ll see these courageous athletes as well as all the hard working bus drivers I’ve come to know during these games. The last hurrah came and went quickly and our work, as a team, was done.

It was another bitter sweet moment. I had a lump in my throat. I was sad.

That was Sunday afternoon…….

Today I donned the blue jacket for the final time and went back to catch one last glimpse of the Athlete’s Village as crews began the process of dismantling some of the infrastructure. Hard to believe this was truly the end of a remarkable journey. What I’ve experienced in the past two months far exceeded my original expectations. As mentioned previously, for myself, the legacy of Vancouver 2010 will always be the memories of people I’ve met and worked with.

As I move on from this chapter of my life, I would like to thank the following blue jacket “Smurfs”:

The crew at the ROO: IN, Shorty Yank, Aussie Gal, Indian colonel, Gameday Jen, The dark Englishman, Bilingual B, Maritime Bill and Double M. Rain or shine, we shared some good laughs and we sure did a kick ass job in the media and athletes load zones.

The dream team at the Athlete’s Village: English Steve, Irish T, Papa Smurf, Yukon J, The 3 amigas from AGI (And you know who you are), Ms. Port Metro Vancouver, Costco Pin Lady, The Therapist, Gentle J Mac and Eager Jeremy. It was amazing how we bonded as a team in such a short time. I wish they had kept all our shifts but it was time well spent.

Fate put us together. Thank you ALL for making this so wonderful and memorable!

P.S. Tonight, my blue jacket refused to zip up as I tried to put it away in a garment bag. Could it be that the blue jacket didn’t want this end either?


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