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6 more sleeps until South Africa 2010

With the World Cup less than a week away, the rash of injuries that have happened so far are a major concern. A lot of stars have either dropped out or are on the verge of doing so. Many club managers are likely on high alert at this point hoping the trend stops and their assets survive the tournament unscathed. Surly as fans we are disappointed not to see the likes of Ballack, Essien, Ferdinand, Mikel, etc performing on the world stage. As well we’re probably wondering whether these losses will – depending on your allegiance – affect or enhance our team’s chances to progress. That being said, the best “teams” will always find a way to battle through adversity. We shall find out which ones in the days ahead.

While the skepticisms – about South Africa’s ability to host a safe and successful World Cup – from the rest of the world are well documented, I would hate for this injury epidemic to become another issue for the organizers as it is out of their control. While it does not undermine all the good work the host country has done, it cannot help when the quality of the matches will ultimately define this tournament.

I hope World Cup 2010 will be a success and a celebration for the people of South Africa at a time when the country, and likely the continent, needs all the positive energy they can find.


Judging from what I’ve seen this past week, I think Commercial Drive will once again be the hub of all fan activities during this World Cup and I’m glad I’ll be in the middle of it all. Numerous restaurants and cafés will open at 7am so fans can catch most of the matches live.

As for all the 4:30am matches in the first round…….well…….I guess I’ll be adjusting my sleep schedule this month. I’m hoping to rekindle the memories of watching early morning live matches during Mexico 1986 (in Hong Kong) and Japan/Korea 2002. Those were fun times.

The shirt is washed. The flag is out. And the top hat is dusted off.

I can’t wait.

Ole, Ole Ole Ole!




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