Fresh baked “Fong Bao” from the oven – 方包出爐

Random musings & meditations straight from the oven. Hopefully some food for thought as well…

Drama of the beautiful game

I was back at work after the Holland – Brazil match but sounds and images from that morning was still swirling in my head. So much so that I totally forgot about the second half of the double header between Uruguay and Ghana. By the time I settled into the lunch room 20 minutes have gone by and the Black Stars began their ascendancy. 

Overall it was a strange match – especially when the Uruguay keeper looks like someone who bag my groceries the other day, I digress – but what’s not to like when there’s questionable goal keeping, slack defending and wasteful, borderline terrible, finishing? From that standpoint, it was a fairly entertaining affair but one I felt would end in penalty kicks. Eventually I was proven correct but little did I know how we would get to that point.

By now, most of you have probably seen the highlights so I won’t rehash the story. For shear drama, I don’t recall anything recently that would come close to it. One man, literally, was carrying the hopes and dreams of a team, a country and an entire continent on his shoulders. It took great courage to be the first penalty kicker after missing one that could have won the match moments earlier in extra time. Nonetheless I felt terrible for Asamoah Gyan who had to live with this devastating moment for the rest of his life.

Football can be a cruel game, at times…….

Item du jour

Found this quote on Twitter:

“BEST. HANDBALL. EVER. Maradona has been dethroned.”


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