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Reality TV at its best

“The last time GER looked so unstoppable was when their tanks rolled into Paris.”

@greatbong via Twitter


Some may remember this proclamation from Maradona before the start of the World Cup. Suffice to say a lot of folks, including myself, would dearly love to see that happen…NOT!  So despite my non-affinity with Germany, I was more then happy to back them simply to avoid being scarred for life.  At Cdn Gooner’s recommendation, we headed down to the Vancouver Alpen Club to catch a little bit of the Deutschland spirit.

Considering my allegiance to England, I felt odd walking into “enemy territory”. However, the energy inside the building was remarkable and I couldn’t help but to feel a bit excited about what I was about to experience.

From the young to the not-so-young, they all stood up to cheer and celebrate, be it a scoring opportunity, a well-timed tackle or a goal. Flags were waved with pride and vuvuzelas (yes, there were a few) were blown with gusto. It was one big party, without the alcohol!

Had Argentina took advantage of their dominance in the first 20 minutes of the second half and level the match, it could have had a grand stand finish. Alas, Leo Messi failed to score and the rest of the team quit shortly after Miroslav Klose made it 2-0. Both Cdn Gooner and I agreed it was hard to hate this German team because they played footy the right way with verve, power, pace, energy and intelligence. In addition, they were fearless and relentless. Can you imagine what kind of a threat they’ll be in Euro 2012 & World Cup 2014?

A scary thought.

Although not as scary as a streaking Maradona on the streets on Buenos Aires…….

“On Friday, Maradona said God wanted Argentina in the World Cup final. Today, God apparently disagreed.”

@JamiesonCanucks via Twitter



After watching the Germans run wild against the Argentines, the Spaniards looked like a bunch of seniors strolling in the park. But give Paraguay full credit for being organized defensively and played with great spirit and commitment. Surely the match was headed towards penalty kicks……..

Or so I thought.

As unbelievable a finish the Uruguay – Ghana match was, along came the tale of the 3 penalty kicks.

On the first one, there was no doubt Gerard Pique was holding onto Oscar Cardozo’s arm for a long time. Unfortunately, Cardozo also took a long time to take the PK and it cost him dearly. A deserved penalty but one that was not converted.

Soon after, David Villa decided to try out for the Spanish diving team and came away with a perfect ten in the eyes of the referee. Perhaps realizing he’s been duped, IMHO, the ref then disallowed Xabi Alonso’s PK conversion on the grounds of encroachment.

Finally, Justo Villar saved Alonso’s second attempt. An undeserved penalty but one that was saved.

Poetic Justice. And the end of a wild sequence.

I was Fabregas…err….flabbergast. Frankly, you cannot make up stuff like that! It was reality TV at it best, unscripted to boot.

By that point of the match, based on David Villa’s dive alone, I wanted Paraguay to win. My World Cup pool be damned! Sadly, it was not to be. Two posts and a goal later, Paraguay said goodbye to South Africa. They certainly earned my respect after a heroic effort today. And good on the Spaniards for consoling Oscar Cardozo after he became the latest member of the World Cup 2010 heartbreak club.

These quarter finals have been tremendous. We shall find out if the last four matches will be as compelling. 


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