Fresh baked “Fong Bao” from the oven – 方包出爐

Random musings & meditations straight from the oven. Hopefully some food for thought as well…


Caption: 7 years in Cleveland. No Rings

“We interrupt this string of World Cup related loaves* with this breaking story…….”

For someone who could care less about the NBA, I found myself glued to the tele last night watching the whole LeBron-a-thon in its entirety. I woke up this morning hoping it was just a bad dream but the unthinkable has happened: A professional superstar athlete has exploited a situation and turned it into bad, but must-see, reality television. Should I be surprised? Perhaps not. So for that, good/shame on you LeBron & ESPN for getting my attention. And David Stern must be laughing in New York with all the publicity that’s been generated at a time what his league sorely needs it.

There was nothing wrong with what LeBron did – he chose winning & took less money – but how he did it was wrong and completely unnecessary. It was like, as per multiple writers and commentators, “breaking up with a girl friend by publicly flashing his options, in front of her friends and family, then going with the one who had the new boob job.” Michael Jordan, in his prime, never did anything like it and he’s way bigger than LeBron James. This whole exercise came across as very self serving and another reason why I have trouble watching the NBA again because the league is full of people who are so out of touch.

I just hoped Brett Favre wasn’t watching last night. Don’t want him to get any funny ideas.

By the way, I heard that a lot of people in Africa & Asia were seen walking out of factories wearing LeBron NY Knicks jerseys today…….

“We will now return to regularly scheduled World Cup related loaves*…….”


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