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Little Drumstick is not little anymore

A few nights ago Pie Pie Lo and I were flipping through pictures of Little Drumstick since her birth. From our observations and conversations with her, we were struck by how she has embraced and enjoyed the idea of growing up and becoming more independent.

She now prefers to eat with regular adult size chopsticks and hates it when you try to cut her food into smaller pieces. She picks out her own clothes and would object to any suggestions that are not to her liking. In every way, Little Drumstick has tried to mimic us adults as much as possible.

One of her favorite things is to play the role of a mother as she refers to Pie Pie Lo and I as her children. Showing off her maternal instincts, Little drumsticks would constantly lecture us on the virtues of taking care of one another and proper etiquette. We always find it quite amusing especially with her tone of voice and the vocabulary she chooses. It is obvious her mind is developing rapidly.

And the old tricycle is no longer big enough for Little Drumstick which prompted one of her uncles in Hong Kong – who stopped by Vancouver en route to New York on a business trip – to purchase a gift of her dreams: A brand new princess bicycle with training wheels and, more importantly, in the right colour. With matching helmet, elbow & knee pads, Little Drumstick showed off her new ride with glee and Pie Pie Lo and I were amazed by her detailed presentation. Watching her ride around in front of her house brought back memories of my first bike and how excited I was.

Another sign Little Drumstick is not as young as we think happened yesterday. After lunch, we treated her to a game of five pin bowling, her second time out ever. As we explained the situation to Little Drumstick towards the end of the game, she began to realize the possibility of her beating me. Like any other person in her position would do, she started giggling and “taunting” me with the words “I’m gonna beat you!”. At the end, she did beat me and couldn’t wipe the big smile off her face.

Little Drumstick is not little anymore. Yet another reminder that I’m not young any more.


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