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140 characters or less

(*= Oven Lingo)

Can 1 truly express oneself in 140 characters or less? Opinions may vary but Twitter has certainly forced me to be concise with my diction

Work & studies have left me with little time to reflect, gather & share my thoughts on the blog. Tweeting became the compromise.

Much like @Kyotea (Cdn Gooner), I’ve come to appreciate the ability to share what random thoughts I have, images I see, instantaneously.

Not that my tweets are important or profound but as @meestasparkle once said, these bite size nuggets become bookmarks of one’s life.

That being said, lots of situations and experiences in life deserve more than what 140 characters can encapsulate.

Hence the upcoming #Christmas season will be welcomed for many reasons, one of which is to re-engage myself to the blog & baking loaves”.

Recent happenings indicate there is much to share. It’s a just a matter of putting the thoughts into, not just words but, paragraphs.

Until then, here’s to one more month of studies on taxation & reading through that 3000 page phone book called the #IncomeTaxAct. Yeesh!

RT I do apologize for the peculiar format/nature of this loaf*, buy hey, @fongbao can only say so much, 140 characters at a time.