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The Desire to Re-connect

(Lingo Alert = *)

Last Saturday night amid a rare, late February snow “storm”, I had a nice gathering with some old friends.

There was The Fish Monger, who came back from Hong Kong for a visit with his family. I haven’t seen him for a long time but managed to keep in contact through the magic of social media. And then there were the Laser City Sisters (or in Chinese, Chok 樣姐妹花) whom I tried to avoid as much as possible…….

Ha ha, just kidding!  Please don’t send me any hate mail.

All joking aside, we talked about quite a few things that night and it dawned on us that – with the exception of “Bruno” (YES! You don’t look a day past 27. There, my good deed for the day.) & “Nate” (what do you call those who were born this past decade? 00後? The post-zeros?) – as part of the post-70’s (70 後) generation, our appetite for thrills or the definition of it is vastly different from what it was 10, 15 years ago. Things we used to get excited about are now met with a “Seriously! Why do I want to do THAT?” reaction. I suppose that’s part of “feeling our age” (By the way, I had my passport picture taken the other day and MAN….do I look…….)

I was also surprised to find out The Fish Monger was a colleague of my cousin Canuck Jay in Hong Kong. (Who, I was told, would wear his Canuck gear to work during the Stanley Cup playoffs! That’s dedication.)

Walking out of Boston Pizza that night, I came to realize that: 1, I seem to have difficulty maintaining relationships/friendships and 2, I’m at a point in my life where there is a desire to re-connect with those whom I’ve lost touch with. Don’t get me wrong, my goal is not to gain back every lost relationship – because that’s just unrealistic – but to simply express my appreciation and gratitude to those who were part of my life and development as a person; in particular relatives and elders (friends of my parents) whom I haven’t seen for many years due to some major circumstances that happened in my life. At the very least, I want to know that they are doing well.

Baring the unexpected, Pie Pie Lo* and I will spend most of April in Tokyo and Hong Kong and a chance to meet up with a couple of my cousins whom, you’ve guessed it, I haven’t seen for awhile. As well, there is the usual cast of characters awaiting us. I’m really looking forward to it. As well, now I have an excuse to visit 長洲(Cheung Chau).

P.S. Back on Saturday night, The Fish Monger and I shared about our struggles in updating our respective blog these days. Time, as usual, was a major culprit but the need to be “in the moment” and just “write” was equally important. Looks like I managed to find that “moment” with this loaf*.


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  Fish Monger wrote @

Yup, indeed, I am still searching for the “moment” to reinstate the Fish Monger. I will be baaccckkk…

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