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The True Spirit of Vancouver

The morning after the riot I took a different route to work and drove through the stretch of Georgia Street where most of the damage was done. I was pleasantly surprised by how clean it was given the circumstances. In retrospect I wished I had gotten out of my car for a moment because the true spirit of Vancouver was at work then. Many people from different walks of life, young and old, all gathered to help with the clean up efforts because they genuinely love and care about this beautiful city they called home. It was a simple yet powerful message of unity.

“Saw a young dad holding hands with his young son, both dirty from cleaning. I cried.”

@Kardboard via Twitter


I spent some time today at “The Great Wall of Vancouver” outside The Bay downtown reading the messages left by Vancouverites. The words were poignant, emotional and I couldn’t help but feel a bit overwhelmed and contemplative afterwards.

P.S. An image that’s stuck in my head: A lady in a wheelchair outside The Bay writing positive messages on the pavement with a piece of chalk.

“As I went to bed with tears in my eyes and my son fearful of a city he loves, never wanting to watch a hockey game downtown again. I found myself bringing him downtown to show him that fear can be conquered and our city will be beautiful again. With a heavy heart I am truly sorry to “Boston” who should be the focus today, all those that wer hurt, the VPD and fire department and the countless businesses that were destroyed. I AM SORRY. Love, A single mom & her son!!!”


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