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One year on, I’m still baking loaves*…….

(* = Lingo Alert)

After much contemplation and encouragement from some friends, I started “The Oven” on this day last year hoping to share my thoughts and experiences and, in some ways, I think I’ve succeeded. That being said, it probably wasn’t as detailed and thoughtful as I would have like.

So what is the one lesson I can take away from blogging this past year?

I should never quit my day job.

It’s quite apparent that I cannot write for a living. My writing style – if it even existed – is scattered at best. Unless I have something specific to focus on, it usually take me hours trying to piece together trains of thoughts into a coherent loaf*. In fact, this was exactly what I went through when I started writing this a few nights ago. Can you image me working with deadlines?

The fact that I don’t elaborate as much as I should is probably out of fear of blabbering aimlessly, which I have a habit of doing when I write. Add to the fact that I’m not a very opinionated person, my writing can be bland and dry at times.

So have I gotten tired of this? Far from it, actually.

In some ways I’m like a novice baker still figuring things out. I started off wanting to bake a certain type of bread but ended up baking several different types. Some loaves turned out alright while others were a bit lacking. At times I would churn out loaves after loaves only to be followed by periods of inactivity.

Through it all, I’m grateful and encouraged by the modest amount of people, friends and strangers, who still find it worthwhile to check out the loaves* that I’ve baked despite the uneven quality.

“The Oven” is still very much a work-in-progress but with a year under my belt, I’m hopeful I can improve on my writing skills while keeping “The Oven” as sincere and real as it can be.

And that’s no joke!

P.S.  This turns out to be Loaf # 91. Had I given it some thought, it would have been neat to hit 100 on the anniversary.


Upgrading The Oven

(* = Lingo alert)

I’ve been sick for most of the week but as I move into the “coughing phase” (pretty self explanatory), complete recovery is just around the corner. However, it’s also a time where I will temporarily lose most of my voice. So I decided to stay home all day Saturday to rest and catch up on some readings online. Besides the usual sites on the blogroll, I took some time reading archived posts on a couple of blogs. Somewhat inspired by what I saw and read, I started playing around with “The Oven” hoping to see what I can add to it. Some of you may have noticed the addition of a music/mv page just a few days ago. New content will be added to that as we move along.

And if you look at the home page later, you should see 2 new sections on the right:

A Flickr bread crumbs* stream and “Oven Tweets”, for all those who are into Twitter-ing. I’m not sure how it will work out but the hope is the enhancements will compliment “The Oven”.

P.S. Before I baked this loaf*, I was watching some vintage 1980’s Transformers cartoons on the Tele. Great stuff, even though I was more into G.I. Joe then.

Item du jour

The Transformers Cartoon Theme Song

Why? 點解? I just baked my 1st loaf of bread!

“Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery”


I’ll admit my original motivation to start this stems from the fact a lot of people I know have their own blogs. Just thought it’ll be cool to “have my own”. But the more I read, the more I appreciate the time, effort and thought being put into each post. So this, in a way, is my salute to all my blogging friends out there. Thank you for allowing me a chance to catch a glimpse of your world and I hope to reciprocatethrough this blog.


Now, this may sound ambitious but 我想嘗試寫一個雙語的部落格*. So if you can’t read what I just wrote I’ll try and have it in English as well, if the “message” is not lost in translation. Or perhaps it’s time for you to enrol in that Chinese class you’ve ALWAYS wanted to………


(* I want to attempt to write a bilingual blog)


So to all who’ve just spent 45 seconds, valuable time you’ll never get back, reading this, I sincerely thank you! Your comments and suggestions are always welcomed and I hope you’ll find this blog somewhat interesting and amusing.



Fong Bao


P.S. This blog is dedicated to Pie Pie Lo!



Item du jour

Help! I’m locked inside my car. Checkout the audio link in the article. Compare to the woman who called 911 three times after McDonald’s ran out of Chicken McNuggets, this one is even more bizarre.





As for The disclaimer….. The fine print……


Writing has never been a strength of mine so if the quality is lacking I hope to make it up with sincerity.

The oven has been set up…..

……and I’m putting all the ingredients together to “bake” my 1st “loaf of bread”.

Stay tuned……

While you wait, you might want to check out “The Oven Lingo” page to understand some of the words I’ll be using moving forward.