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More reasons why I started “The Oven”.

Growing up as a child I was encouraged to keep a diary but I never found a compelling reason to embrace the concept.

“I’ve got nothing meaningful to write about.” I quipped at the time.

Too young to have a perspective, I supposed.

I have made half-hearted attempts but frankly I simply do not have the discipline to maintain a diary for the long haul. Then……

Remember LiveJournal?LiveJournal Logo

About 5 – 6 years ago, Cdn Gooner (I think it was you. First name drop in The Oven, if I exclude Pie Pie Lo) introduced me to it and I slowly developed a taste for journaling. It was fun sharing some of my thoughts and parts of my life with friends and those who I’ve lost touch through time. But then I got married and busy with other things in life hence the LiveJournal experience came to an end after almost 2 years.


Unexpectedly, my “return” to Hong Kong in 2007 triggered streams of emotions that were kept inside since my last visit in 1989. Overwhelmed by the amount of change during that 18 year period, I realized the Hong Kong I remembered and grew up in was nothing but a distant memory. As well, I got caught up with the whole “Collective Memory” (集體回憶) movement and made a point to visit historical landmarks under threat of progress and demolition.

 The MagistracyVictoria PrisonOld Central Police StationOld Wai Chai Market

Armed with numerous pictures, thoughts and feelings, I returned to Vancouver wanting to share my experience with everyone I know. And ever since then, I’ve become more contemplative in thought and attentive to my surroundings. My little camera is now a trusted companion and helps capture images that interest me wherever I go.

But something was still amiss.

Facebook gave me the platform to share the images but not so much the words.

After reading a few blogs, I realized that’s the next logical step to take hence the construction of this blog.

While I’m not sure if “The Oven” is worthy of public consumption, I hope you will find it worthwhile. At the very least, you’ll understand what makes this “Fong Bao” tick.

Item du jour

“階磚不會拒絕磨蝕 窗花不可幽禁落霞
有感情 就會一生一世嗎 又再惋惜有用嗎”

謝安琪 – 囍帖街


Why? 點解? I just baked my 1st loaf of bread!

“Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery”


I’ll admit my original motivation to start this stems from the fact a lot of people I know have their own blogs. Just thought it’ll be cool to “have my own”. But the more I read, the more I appreciate the time, effort and thought being put into each post. So this, in a way, is my salute to all my blogging friends out there. Thank you for allowing me a chance to catch a glimpse of your world and I hope to reciprocatethrough this blog.


Now, this may sound ambitious but 我想嘗試寫一個雙語的部落格*. So if you can’t read what I just wrote I’ll try and have it in English as well, if the “message” is not lost in translation. Or perhaps it’s time for you to enrol in that Chinese class you’ve ALWAYS wanted to………


(* I want to attempt to write a bilingual blog)


So to all who’ve just spent 45 seconds, valuable time you’ll never get back, reading this, I sincerely thank you! Your comments and suggestions are always welcomed and I hope you’ll find this blog somewhat interesting and amusing.



Fong Bao


P.S. This blog is dedicated to Pie Pie Lo!



Item du jour

Help! I’m locked inside my car. Checkout the audio link in the article. Compare to the woman who called 911 three times after McDonald’s ran out of Chicken McNuggets, this one is even more bizarre.





As for The disclaimer….. The fine print……


Writing has never been a strength of mine so if the quality is lacking I hope to make it up with sincerity.